Why Shopping Small is Sustainable

Why Shopping Small is Sustainable

It is year 2023, and there is no doubt that climate change is drastically affecting our planet. Although there are many ways to reduce this, shopping small is one of the simplest ways. Not only are you supporting someone local, but as a result, you can give back to your community in the process. 

Shopping small is a great way to reduce waste. This means there are less pieces going into our landfills. Have you ever noticed that when someone is finished with an item purchased from a small business, that they often buy, sell, or trade it with someone else? Think of how impactful this would be if everyone did this!

Buying local also increases the demand for small businesses. And, because a lot of employers are working remotely, things such as vehicle fuel is less likely to be put out into the environment. 

Sourcing materials locally is a huge bonus. Anything that is sourced close to us directly reduces carbon footprint.

Bamboo fabric has a lot of benefits on it’s own, including being antibacterial, moisture wicking and great for sensitive skin. 

There are many ways you can change your lifestyle to help our planet, and these simple tips on shopping small have big impacts. 

We appreciate each and every one of our customers!

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