Summer is Here

Summer is finally here, but blankets never go out of season! From cozy nights with your windows open, wrapping up a new baby, or that first camping trip of the year, there is always room for more. What do you use our blankets for the most? Let us know in our Facebook VIP and engage with our lovely Vi&Jax family!


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About Us & Ethical Manufacturing

Vi&Jax is a sustainable, fashion forward lifestyle brand. When creator and designer Jillian Weselosky realized a need for ethically made clothing using eco-friendly fabrics, she shifted her business model in August of 2017. Vi&Jax is Canadian made, Canadian manufactured, and directly supports Canada’s economy. As a designer, Jill believes it is her responsibility to search for the most environmentally friendly materials, and with that, ethical manufacturing processes.

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Proudly made in Canada by women in business.