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As a small business, we strive to keep our customers as involved as possible when it comes to updates on their orders! We hope you enjoy this thread to check in as you please to learn where your items currently are in the process.

What is Shipping?

  • Character
  • November Blankets + Towels

What is Sewing?

  • Topsy Turvy VIP MTO

What is Cutting?

  • Mix It Up VIP MTO

What has Shipped from the Printer?

  • Kid’s Choice
  • New Year, New Us
  • New and Fucking Fabulous
  • Colour of the Year
  • January Blankets + Towels
  • February Blankets + Towels

What is Printing?

  • Sparkle (Re-printing)
  • Storybook
  • Food
  • Over The Years
  • Back To Our Roots
  • VIP Picks